ABOUT US: Founded in 1994, The Bristall Group is a professional development and education firm dedicated to establishing observable positive change in corporate behavior. We are currently celebrating 19 years of delivering top-quality education to hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals across North America.

Our Approach to Training

Our corporate workshops are mostly delivered as half-day sessions, always with your interests at heart. Your budget, your business, and the availability of your staff are all crucial to successful learning. Here are the components we feel are necessary for students in the age of mobile technology:

In-House builds credibility:

When you host a Bristall Group corporate workshop, you ensure heightened acceptance and implementation. As your team members simultaneously hear and understand our branded terms and teaching style, the message and techniques quickly become part of the cultural lexicon and therefore become easier to adopt. And when managers or senior personnel attend all or part of a Bristall Group workshop, their presence helps reinforce the legitimacy of the teaching and the levels of confidence and commitment among staff.

Prime time pays off: Our clients have found the optimum set-up for effective learning to be a half-day session held in the morning. This offers several benefits:

- Class is held in the morning, when most people are at their most attentive and alert.
- Three hours is an ideal amount to maximize learning duration without information overload or boredom setting in.
- Students are generally more relaxed and accepting of the learning model knowing that a whole day's work is not being lost.
- Our open-access wireless policy allows students to use their devices for learning and for staying in touch. This is an essential factor of productivity success in the mobile age.

For organizations with many staff members to teach, two sessions can be held in one day: 8:30-12:30 and 1:00-5:00. (Afternoon sessions are structured slightly differently to compensate for the "afternoon effect.")


The content and benchmarks are determined through the following procedure:

- Pre-session benchmarking interview with stakeholders
- Confidential pre-session questionnaire for each participant
- Creation of custom curriculum and presentation for stakeholder approval
- Confidential pre-course questionnaire
- Delivery of session using the most up-to-date adult learning techniques
- Follow up: Every student receives one full year of personalized follow-up
- Post session ROI follow-up with stakeholders


As adult educators, our goal is the same as yours: to deliver relevant, practical skills to your workforce: skills that demonstrate an immediate and tangible benefit to your operations. This poses the challenge of how many topics to deliver in any given teaching session. Ideally, we propose a "half-hour per topic" model, which allows sufficient time for introduction, discussion, and most importantly, practical exercise around a topic. This generally allows a group to take on 5 new skills per half-day session. We are focused on providing optimum education for your staff, and we have over 20 years' experience in doing just that. This is why 85% of our clients are repeat and referral, because they know quality teaching.