Change Management

Facing change is one of the most difficult parts of life, both personal and at work. This year, 2020, is proving that more than most. Change presents an unknown that can fracture team solidarity and productivity. But in today’s economy, change is happening faster than ever, in technologies, working styles, location, roles, and projects.

Our workshop teaches leaders, managers and team members how to face change, plan for it, and oversee its implementation in measured, easy-to-absorb steps.

We place special focus on the responsibilities of that team leaders face, as well as steps for project planning a change from start to long after its completion. Topics include:

  • What is change?
  • Areas of organizational change (Strategic/Organizational/Technology/People)
  • Why do people resist change?
  • The transition process: unfreezing - movement - refreezing
  • Change management model in 4 steps
  • Models for transition: Moving from unfreezing to refreezing.
  • Phases: Contentment - Vision - Denial - Confusion - Renewal - Leverage
  • Strategies
  • Recognizing resistance: The ADCOM Model (ability, direction, competence, and motivation)
  • Managing change
  • Motivating change and creating a shared vision
  • Rewards, recognition, and reinforcement
  • Power strategies
  • Communicating change
  • Managing change with limited resources
  • Seven key factors in making change happen

Our sessions are interactive, using case studies drawn from the pre-course assessments, and participants are encouraged to work through and solve their own challenges according to the principles of effective Adult Education.

Duration: 3 hours, with 10 minute breaks at the :50 minute mark.

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