We deliver top-quality education to busy adults. We offer in-house workshops, online webcasts and confidential private coaching.

Time Management: Based on our best-selling book, our unique approach to time management will win you back four hours of productivity per day. The session incorporates elements of project management, psychology and influence to create an approach to managing tasks and people in a highly effective way. For more detail, click here.

Project Management: Complete your tasks and projects on time, on budget and correctly. We offer a 1-day fundamentals course and a 1-day advanced course, based on the Project Management Institute's Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). For more detail, click here.

Business Writing: Our business writing course covers everything from correct idea management and phrasing through to specific media types from formal letters and proposals to tweets and texting. For more detail, click here.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain: We offer an introductory half-day course on Bitcoin and the Blockchain, designed for people in business and administration who have had little to no prior experience with these technologies. Delivered in clear, non-technical terms, attendees will gain a clear understanding of these two technologies and their potential role in future business.

Train the Trainer A great way to internalize the cost of professional development is to have your own trainers deliver our highly effective courses on an ongoing basis. We offer train-the-trainer sessions both in person and by webconference, and we also offer excellent licencing arrangements for some of our more proprietary products, such as our Cool-Time system of time management.