Podcast Production

Podcasts are an extremely effective method of connecting with an audience. Short audio episodes accessible to anyone with a phone or computer, podcasts help busy people make best use of their time. Whether driving, walking, exercising or relaxing, they allow people to learn of be entertained without having to read from a screen.

Our team is ready to help you launch a podcast. We have all the tools for the middle phase - recording, editing, production and posting, but we also provide all the services that go around this. This include project managing the production process, research, copy writing, and interviews with guests. We can also help you set up with podcast hosts that will get you onto iTunes, Google, Stitcher and all the other big libraries.

On the other end, we are also great at setting up the social media presence, including Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and Instagram, as well as podcast sites where you can offer your shownotes, transcripts and special offers to your listeners.

These are some of the podcasts we have produced or constributed to recently. More details to come in December 2019



CISO Security Vendor

Defense in Depth


Roz Usheroff