Bristall Group CEO Steve Prentice delivers a weekly podcast dedicated to time management, productivity and work-life-balance. It's new - just started in January 2017. The episodes are available below. If you wish to subscribe, please use this link.

Episode 12 - Driving Me Crazy (April 10, 2017) Explore the bizarre relationship between driving, food, and overwork. Have you noticed, for example how frustrating it is when the other lane of traffic seems to be moving faster than yours? This frustration not only leads to road rage, it also leads to “event-to-event thinking” in every area of your life, which leads to crammed schedules, overload, and no time allowed to eat lunch. It doesn’t have to be that way. So much more can be achieved from taking a slower approach, to driving, working and eating. You will get more done when you just slow down a little.

Episode 11 - The 60-Second Workspace (April 3, 2017) Your workspace is where work gets done. It is an extension of your true working self, your mind and body. Few people have ever said “I wish my desk was messier – it feels too barren and stark.” But many have said “I just don’t have the time to tidy all this up.” Or they’ve said “I already have a system. I know where everything is.” A clear workspace helps you think better. This episode suggests you start to view your workspace – the desk, the computer, and tools like calendars and checklists as conduits for your creativity and personal progress. When you use them correctly you start to condition your own “self” towards the establishing orderliness and balance, and you develop amazing charisma along the way.

Episode 10 - When a Vampire Calls, Don't Answer (March 27, 2017) Phone scams, phishing emails and tax extortion scams all have one thing in common with vampires. You have to let them in, for them to have effect. By choosing how and when you answer calls and emails, you have the power to control this element of your life, and this reveals a whole area of self-affirming activity that will give you greater knowledge, greater influence and greater peace.

Episode 9 - How To Make Things Go Your Way (March 20, 2017): Wouldn't it be nice is everything went your way? Can that even happen? Yes, it can, but it requires a specific type of awareness, and some easy-to-come by skills. In this episode of CoolTimeLife, I use a few memorable examples, one from one of the most famous artists of all time, and others more modern to describe how you can set the stage for a far more satisfying turn of events in your life. There's no magic involved. Not even any force. But it is surprisingly easy and consistent.

Episode 8 - What does it mean to work like a wolf? (March 13, 2017): It means keeping your hunting instincts sharp. A wolf, after all, does not know where its next meal will be coming from. Many of us spend our days chasing after mundane priorities like email and meetings, which causes a dulling of the instincts. To work like a wolf means giving yourself the time to sharpen and retain the most important influencers over your destiny, to be career independent, and to build a support structure that will make you unafraid of even the worst situations.

Episode 7 - The Value of Your Time (March 6, 2017). It is easy to undervalue your time. But it has great value. Every moment you spend at work is the product of years of study and practice. This has a tangible value. So why are we so ready to give it away, by waiting patiently for late meetings to start, wasting valuable time on emails, and working without a plan? This podcast discusses how to value your time and how to ensure it is never wasted. Learn how time invested in planning pays off, how to make the 80/20 rule lessen your workload while increasing productivity, how to use Twitter as a timely tool for learning, and how even the biggest, scariest projects can be taken care of, simply by understanding the value of this absolutely finite resource.

Episode 6 – Managing Your Metabolism (February 27, 2017). Your body is your single most valuable and practical tool for managing time and balancing life. But it is so often overlooked. Most of us are sleep deprived, we eat the wrong things, and we expect the brain and body to be consistently “on” and responsive all the time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding your metabolism is key to successfully achieving your goals. This podcast is packed full of tips and concepts to help you stay energetic, productive and on track for personal success.

Episode 5: Are You Conscious? (February 20, 2017). Being in the moment mentally can be one of your greatest advantages. The problem is, most of us live our lives in reactive mode, which greatly erodes your ability to prioritize, negotiate, influence people, and thrive. This podcast explains what happens to your brain and body when you are under stress and in reactive modem and describes a number of ways for you to take control and actually write the history of your immediate future.

Episode 4: The 55-Minute Meeting (February 13, 2017). Meetings are one of the greatest time wasters of all. Why? Because they place priority on the agenda, which is the wrong area of focus.  This podcast highlights the most important elements that go into a successful meeting, using a powerful concept called the 55-minute meeting – something that has been a highlight of our Cool-Time presentations for years.

Episode 3: The Box of Time (February 6, 2017). Sounds like a science fiction movie, doesn't it? But it's not. At least not here. In terms of the CoolTimeLife podcast, a box of time is a highly powerful way of influencing people and managing time, simply by managing expectations and giving people an alternative to fearing the unknown. Join me as I describe ways in which this box of time will give you the ability to be left alone to focus, and also get people to show up when you want them to. It will give you some ideas on how to best structure your day and even lighten your load by no longer being the path of least resistance. As a bonus, you'll even learn a bit about Bonsai trees, as well as getting an educational reason to go and visit Las Vegas.

Episode 2: Pay Attention (January 30, 2017): Paying attention to the concept of attention, specifically: understanding and capitalizing on your own attention span as well as that of other people; techniques for getting people’s full attention in emails and meetings; standing to attention: why standing and moving around is good for your health;  memory tricks: how to remember people’s names before your short attention span lets go of them.

Episode 1: Light at the End of the Tunnel (January 23, 2017): How the darkness of winter and the brightness of your workplace affect productivity and health. Also, how to use light to get up more easily in the morning, and to run more effective meetings. And finally, vacations, (the light at the end of the tunnel) and three ways they contribute to career and life success, and how to make the most of them.