Project Management

It’s about getting it done right – on time, on budget and in scope.

Teams, tasks, deadlines and budgets are difficult things to keep under control in a high pressure project environment. Drawing from the “Body of Knowledge” put forth by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Bristall Group Project Management Seminar works to build awareness and practical ability in the management of projects, large and small.

We take the time to ensure the course fits in with your business. We offer  three hour online workshops, and, when appropriate, we will return to interactive one-day workshops.

The Bristall Group Project Management workshop will help you and your project team:

  • Develop a workable, editable plan
  • Understand and integrate the 5 phases of Project Management
  • Use estimation techniques
  • Understand Critical Path
  • Use Gantt charts
  • Understand where projects can fail
  • Understand risk and scope
  • Deal with emergencies and contingencies
  • Demonstrate leadership and encourage productive participation
  • Manage busy teams, including meetings and conference calls
  • Understand budget and resource allocation
  • Maintain control of your project plan with tools like Microsoft Project, SmartSheet, and Slack

Our system creates a custom curriculum from stakeholder interviews and on-line assessment forms and follows up with a year of personalized support with each participant, as well as “ROI reviews” with the stakeholders. This helps to develop true buy-in and performance improvement within a department or organization.

We use our own course material, entitled The Bristall Method of Project Management, and we employ sound principles of Adult Education to ensure that new skills are learned, practiced and understood.

For more information or to register, please use the contact us form or to return to the Course Overview page, click here.

The Bristall Method of Project Management .

This is our textbook that delivers a comprehensive summary of project management techniques, based on Steve's two decades of project management experience as well as the principles supported by the PMI.