Working from Home/Remote Work and the Future of Work

Working from home isn’t just about setting up your computer and logging on to Zoom. It represents a clash of two lives – your professional life and your home life, and it presents unique challenges, from managing other family members and pets to learning how to balance time and tasks between meetings, chat messages, even internet outages. Learn the best practices for now as well as what the future of work might bring.

Topics include:

  • Best practices for collaborating online
  • How to run and attend an online meeting – lists and rules
  • Working with shared documents
  • Essential security considerations: 2FA, phishing, password hygiene and more
  • Relating to a boss who can’t see you
  • Structuring your day for maximized productivity
  • Saying “no” to chat messages – setting you status to “away” for a while
  • Setting up a work location – is your kitchen table enough?
  • How to communicate with family members and pets about your busy times.
  • Choosing your online appearance: work clothes or jammies?
  • Managing time – there’s more of it without the commute – or is there?
  • Exercise, food and health at home

Participants are welcome to email their questions in advance to ensure their concerns are addressed.

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